Zanardo Lawn Care Services
Weekly Cut and Trim Flower Bed Maintenance
The core service of Zanardo Lawn Care, our professional expertise ensures customers’ lawns are properly cut for both overall health and aesthetics, consistently throughout the season. Adding colour and décor to your outdoor living space improves the overall appearance of your property. Regular bed maintenance keeps weeds out and ensures water, oxygen and sunlight effectively penetrate soil, giving plants needed nutrients for a long and beautiful growing season.
Spring Clean Fall Clean
Prepares your property for the summer by clearing and disposing of winter debris and leaves, pruning shrubs and plants as required, as well as giving your lawn the first cut of the season. Winterizes your property by clearing and disposing of leaves and debris, pruning as required, including a final cut for the season.
Aeration Dethatching
Aeration ensures oxygen, water and nutrients easily make their way to grass plant roots. It also reduces soil compaction and helps break down thatch build-up. This is an essential service to maintain a healthy lawn all season. A highly recommended service for our climate that should be completed at the start of every growing season. It removes the build up of dead matter at the base of the grass plant that prevents water and sunlight from reaching the root and it ensures fertilizer and over seeding reaches the soil for best results.
Fertilizer Program Overseeding
Lawns need more than just sun and water to thrive! With a properly timed and tailored fertilizer program, we ensure your lawn receives the nutrients needed for a healthy, lush, green lawn. A must for every lawn during the growing season. Over seeding prevents bare patches from developing and ensures bare patches are filled with grass, not weeds. More importantly, introducing new grass will thicken your lawn, greatly improving lawn appearance while limiting chances of weed infestation.
Pruning Waste Removal
Pruning ensures plants and shrubs maintain a healthy appearance and prevents view obstruction and pathways are clear from overgrowth. Ensures that your property is free and clear of waste. Have garbage and yard waste collected and disposed of.
Snow & Ice Management  
Timely 24/7 snow removal service with continuous monitoring of your property conditions to avoid excessive snow build up.  

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